A high quality internet connection is the foundation for any digital service. We are able to wholesale copper and fibre connections from all the major Australian telcos, enabling you to select the appropriate connection for your application and budget


In-building WiFi is becoming a utility - much the same as water or electricity. We can install and manage your network using state-of-the-art technology, enabling you to provide a high-performance and robust experience to your tenants and the public. Gain insight to your users by implementing social media login for Public Internet access, and track their movements with Location Based Analytics

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Contextual Push Engagement

Take customer engagement to a new level by using your infrastructure to know who is in your venue and when, and push relevant, contextual offers to them using WiFi, SMS or in-App notifications. Bring Google Analytics visibility to the physical world by using WiFi and Face Recognition to track the effectiveness of your campaigns right back to your venue


Make use of video to better understand your customer demographic, and go beyond traditional video applications, such as people counting, with face recognition. Identify VIPs or blacklisted individuals, and automatically send alerts of their presence to staff. Video data feeds back into our Context Engine for customer engagement

Smart Access

Streamline the way staff and guests navigate through your venue by using smartphones and biometrics to determine their level of access. For commercial buildings, reduce or eliminate the need for a reception desk by enabling guests to check themselves in, notify their host of their arrival, and guide themselves to a location using beacon based wayfinding

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Your Infrastructure - as a Service

Leverage the investments you have made in your digital infrastructure by offering it as a service to both retail and commercial tenants. We partner with you to create compelling and competitive packages. We take care of the design, implementation, on-boarding, billing, support and management of these services


Our dashboard aggregates custom data via APIs from your deployed hardware/network infrastructure and applications, blending this with connectors to over 80 data feeds like Facebook, Netsuite, Salesforce and Google Analytics. From a single pane of glass, gain unprecedented insight into your customers' behaviour, actions and utilisation of assets in realtime

Resource Management

Gain unprecedented insight into resource utilisation using a combination of WiFi, video and IoT sensors, and use this insight so that you and your tenants can enjoy a greener, more efficient, and more comfortable workplace. 

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